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Use the Power of Coaching to Transform

Connect with your inner calling Free yourself from victimhood
Find out what your deepest passion is Listen to your inner guidance
Remove the blocks and resistance to change Find happiness, harmony and peace
Live the life you want to live Understand and work towards your purpose


We all have the ability to connect with a deeper part of ourselves. A part that can allow your potential to come through and change everything that you do.

When you connect you feel inspired, motivated, youthful and in love with life. You feel at one with yourself and everything around you, waking each morning rearing to go, excited about the possibilities.

Miracles happens when you work with me. You become alive and feel refreshed and amazed at why you hadn’t done this before.

What if you could transform into the person you dream you are, living the life that deep down you aspire to live, guided by your infinite wisdom which you have absolute faith and trust in, which never lets you down?

It is possible.

Saying NO to Victimhood

Saying NO to Victimhood is the first in a series of coaching transformational programs that Sheila is offering

During this program you will work with Sheila over 6 or 12 weeks, together working to improve you and your life.

If you want guidance, support and most of all clarity with where you are now and where you want to go, then this program is ideal for you.

This program focusses on:

  • Finding the inner you, your purpose, desires and goals
  • Developing your worthiness, confidence and self esteem
  • Actionable steps to manifest your desires and transform you from the inside out

This package allows you to create your personal map starting with where you are whilst focussing on where you want to go. As we work we will be highlighting resistance and blocks along the way.

The 30 minute evaluation session gives us an opportunity to get to know one another and make sure the fit is right. It’s a flexible time and well worth the investment. You’ll come away with an immediate transformation.

What you can expect:

  • One 30 minute evaluation session, to discuss your area of need and goals using Zoom or Skype

  • A clear actionable weekly action plan, which is reviewed with progressive steps for improvements

  • One 30 minute weekly transformational session on Zoom or Skype

  • Learning new ways to decide, plan and take action

  • Development of new habits to replace old ones. New powerful behaviours created

  • Changes in your personal life that you are happy with

  • Listen more and operate from the present moment rather than the stress of the future

  • Begin to understand your spiritual intuitive self
Your Personal Transformational Coaching Program Will Focus on Key Areas that Sheila Will Help You Master

Identifying and Removing Limiting Beliefs

We all have them at some point in our lives. It’s surprising, the extent to which you allow them to stop you moving into a more positive space, or do you let them keep you are doing the same old things over and over again. Recognising when we are experiencing them and then making a positive change is a key part of the transformation process.

The Power of the Law of Attraction

You get what you think about whether you want it or not. Without realising it you compound your situation and keep yourself in the same place with the powerful law of attraction helping to keep you there. But how does this powerful law work in your day to day life? How can you control it and the impact it is having on you? Understanding this law can improve your life and transform it into everything that you desire.


Believe it or not, we want things generally, but with very little specific clarity. This lack of clarity keeps you wanting something that we really believe is unattainable, yet we say that we want it. Being clear about what you really want is the first thing to do in the program, something which can take a lot of soul searching and removal of blocks and limiting beliefs. This process can be extremely emotional and can dispel some of the beliefs which you hold.

The Peanut Gallery

What people think of you prevents you from reaching out into unknown territories. Fears and concern about the views of people, who may be friends, family members or complete strangers, prevents you from moving forward. Once this fear is cast aside you are free to be who you are and to do what you really want. Recognising that the opinions of others has nothing to do with you is a fundamental part of the transformational process.

Your Intuition and the Universe

You have all of the answer and you simply need to tune into your inbuilt receiver – your intuition for the answers. Your intuition communicates in several ways together with the universe to get your attention. Transformation takes place when you start listening to your intuition far more and seeing the signs and signals that the universe is constantly giving you to take action.

Make the Decision and Step into your Power Today to Transform your Life


30 minute evaluation session, to discuss your area of need and goals using Zoom or Skype 6 Week Program 12 Week Program
By the end of this session you will be clear about the areas that we will be focussing on together, and have a clear sense of purpose and achievement as the process of transformation begins
$195 Investment
6 Week Program This program will be specifically tailored to your needs to ensure that the goals and outcomes identified are met
$1300 Investment
12 Week Program
Building on the 6 week program over 12 weeks we can go further and dig deeper, removing blocks and limiting beliefs, developing your intuition and ability to gain answers from within
$2500 Investment


“Why not live the life that you desire. That is what you came here to do”
Sheila Pryce Brooks


‘I feel incredible. I feel inspired. Thank you Sheila for your inspiration”

Nicole C.

The things you write are so beautiful.  You are an inspiration.


‘Q: How can I practice peacefulness and happiness and not let other people’s words hurt me? A: Words can do nothing to you unless you allow it. Work on your inner strength, your worthiness and on what makes you happy... Thank you for the advice. You came at just the right time.”