Sleep paralysis is a unique experience that happens to millions of people each day all over the world. The impact that it can have your life is tremendous and its’ spiritual significance has been vastly understated.

Having experienced sleep paralysis chronically and now free of it, Sheila is has emerged with wisdom and knowledge related to sleep paralysis and the spiritual realm.

Take control over your nights Find out what’s at the root of your sleep paralysis
Remove the fear No longer be a victim to sleep paralysis
Understand the spiritual nature of sleep paralysis Feel empowered, worthy and confident
Emerge with knowledge and understanding of sleep paralysis Find the positive nuggets in sleep paralysis


During this revolutionary coaching program, you will work with Sheila over 6 or 12 weeks.

You will learn what Sleep Paralysis is and your uniqueness in having this experience. The coaching process will expand upon why you’ve been chosen to have Sleep Paralysis.

Removing Sleep Paralysis Coaching will focus on:

  • Understanding what sleep paralysis is and how it impacts you
  • Removing sleep paralysis from your sleep state
  • Actionable steps to remove sleep paralysis permanently
  • Whether you choose the 6 or 12 week package you will be taken through an actionable program to remove your Sleep Paralysis with the support and guidance of Sheila.

An initial 45 minute evaluation session gives us an opportunity to get to know one another and make sure the fit is right. It’s a flexible time and well worth the investment. You’ll come away feeling immediately supported and ready for the full programme


One 45 minute evaluation session, to discuss the level of your sleep paralysis and explanation of the coaching A weekly plan, which is reviewed with progressive steps for improvements
One 60 minute weekly transformational session on Zoom, Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype Understanding the spiritual nature of sleep paralysis and the self
The development and awareness of the inner you Why you? Clarity and understanding
Reduction and removal of sleep paralysis as you begin to understand the process and your experiences




45 minute evaluation session 6 Week Program 12 Week Program
This session gives us the opportunity to speak about your experience and the impact that it is having on your daily life. Sheila will leave you with a few tips and by the end of this session you will be clear about your experience and look forward to future sessions
£395 Investment
This program will delve deep into your sleep paralysis, uncovering parts of you that you were previously unaware of. Together we will work to reduce and remove your sleep paralysis.
£2370 Investment
Building on the 6 week program over 12 weeks we can go further as there is still so much to learn to place you in a safe space during your sleep.
£4600 Investment


“Find out what the Gift of Sleep Paralysis is.” – Sheila Pryce Brooks

**If you would like to discuss your needs or arrange tailored support, send an email to Sheila at: info@sheilaprycebrooks.com


‘I feel incredible. I feel inspired. Thank you Sheila for your inspiration”

Nicole C.

The things you write are so beautiful.  You are an inspiration.


‘Q: How can I practice peacefulness and happiness and not let other people’s words hurt me? A: Words can do nothing to you unless you allow it. Work on your inner strength, your worthiness and on what makes you happy... Thank you for the advice. You came at just the right time.”