Quora Question Answered – Mediums Of The World, What Do Older Spirits Think Of New Technology?


Everything is in constant motion. Expansion is what we are all here to to. Expansion of our inner selves, our awareness, our experiences, so that we can grow and learn the lessons that our ‘soul/spirit/energy’ needs to learn in order to continue the outward motion of expansion.

If we look around we see lower life forms; trees, plants and animals who are equally on the journey of expansion as they grow and develop and we too are on this journey.

The spiritual world, regardless of whether it is ‘old or ‘new’ is also a part of this Universal action is very much aware of this ‘law’ so to speak, and sees new technology as a part of our continual expansion and growth. As we act using our free will, we will continue our development outward with more and more technology and inward as more and more of us reach to learn more about the spirit within.

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‘I feel incredible. I feel inspired. Thank you Sheila for your inspiration”

Nicole C.

The things you write are so beautiful.  You are an inspiration.


‘Q: How can I practice peacefulness and happiness and not let other people’s words hurt me? A: Words can do nothing to you unless you allow it. Work on your inner strength, your worthiness and on what makes you happy... Thank you for the advice. You came at just the right time.”