2020 Virtual Business Summit

Coming 8 March 2020 in celebration of International Women’s Day, join us for an exclusive virtual business summit with 100 female company founders. Free to watch, £10 to apply to speak. – register here! Speakers, get your brand in front of thousands of UK businesswomen (over 100,000 if we achieve our goal!) for years to come, once your profile and video is live we will keep it on our site indefinitely. Viewers, tap into the ultimate collection of expert videos talks, stories from over 100 women who have found a UK company.

Summit Speaker: Sheila Pryce Brooks

After secretly living with sleep paralysis for over 30 years, Sheila has broken her silence about her struggle with the phenomenon and the impact it has had on her life. Since overcoming sleep paralysis, her spiritual transformation has brought many gifts. She has emerged stronger with continually unfolding spiritual abilities.


‘I feel incredible. I feel inspired. Thank you Sheila for your inspiration”

Nicole C.

The things you write are so beautiful.  You are an inspiration.


‘Q: How can I practice peacefulness and happiness and not let other people’s words hurt me? A: Words can do nothing to you unless you allow it. Work on your inner strength, your worthiness and on what makes you happy... Thank you for the advice. You came at just the right time.”