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1 January

Quora Question Answered – How does a person get guidance from spirit guides upon requests?

You need only ask. Asking is not a verbal act. Whilst it can help, it is more important that you have an internal conversation and request the answ..... read more

1 January

Quora Question Answered – Can you ask your spirit guides anything?

Yes. You can ask them anything. They are connected to (and a part of) infinite intelligence. You therefore have access to everything and anything. They would welcome you asking. Try it and see the answer that you get back...... read more

1 January

Quora Question Answered – Can you share a picture that can only be understood by the spiritually inclined?

We are all spiritually inclined. We are spiritual beings, before we are physical human beings. The spiritual differentiation between each of us is: th..... read more

23 December

Quora Question Answered – Are We Spirits Or Do We Have A Spirit In Us?

We are definetly energy. Energy within a physical body. Now, you may wish to consider/translate/ refer to the energy as spirit, but regardless of what..... read more

18 December

Quora Question Answered – Are Words Just Codes To Keep Our Minds Trapped Within Certain Beliefs?

How I love this question! Words are interesting things, as they allow us to construct images, perceptions, ideas and beliefs which can be shared with..... read more

13 December

Quora Question Answered – Mediums Of The World, What Do Older Spirits Think Of New Technology?

Everything is in constant motion. Expansion is what we are all here to to. Expansion of our inner selves, our awareness, our experiences, so that we c..... read more


‘I feel incredible. I feel inspired. Thank you Sheila for your inspiration”

Nicole C.

The things you write are so beautiful.  You are an inspiration.


‘Q: How can I practice peacefulness and happiness and not let other people’s words hurt me? A: Words can do nothing to you unless you allow it. Work on your inner strength, your worthiness and on what makes you happy... Thank you for the advice. You came at just the right time.”